Why study Modern Foreign Languages?

Rodin's 'Le Penseur'

There are all kinds of beneficial reasons to learn a foreign language, including:



There are around 262,375,152 people over the age of 5 years old that speak more than one foreign language.


Language graduates find it easier to get jobs
Research carried out by Keith Marshall at the University of Bangor, Wales shows that year on year language graduates have lower rates of unemployment than graduates in the great majority of other subjects - only 2.6% of German graduates were still unemployed at the time of last year's survey, as opposed to 5.9% of those with degrees in Business Studies, and 8% of those who did Computing.


There is a wider choice of jobs for graduates with languages
By choosing languages, you're not limiting your career options. Language graduates have a whole range of career opportunities open to them. A recent survey shows that about 29% go into business services, and around 10% go into each of the following: manufacturing, sales, banking/finance, community/social services, transport/communications.


Languages teach you adaptability and communications skills
Learning how to interact with speakers of other languages means you are less likely to be stuck in one mode of thinking. It can help you to see things from a range of perspectives - making you more adaptable, creative, and insightful. The ability to operate cross-culturally is becoming just as much valued by employers as straight language skills.


Languages give you the edge on your competitors
Today there is a global market for jobs. You might think that if the whole world is learning English then you don't need to speak another language. But they're not learning it for our benefit. Once they speak English, they can compete for jobs in the English-speaking market. But if they have another language as well, and you don't…might now be a good time to start thinking about doing a language course?


Why not start learning today?

Still not quite convinced...

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